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Letter: Chick-fil-A also has rights, which Ryan may be forgetting

Chick-fil-A plans get scuttled at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport following calls of “alleged” corporate discriminatory practices as announced by Assemblyman Sean Ryan is nothing more than an exercise in political grandstanding on his part.

Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against anybody seeking a job with them, nor does it screen out anybody going into their restaurants to eat.

Because the company continues to follow founder S. Truett Cathy’s religious beliefs they continue to donate to Christian organizations which is their right as written in the U.S .Constitution. I would hope that the New York State Attorney General as well as the U.S. Justice Department investigate this obvious violation of the Constitution as BNIA receives state and federal funding to operate.

And I would urge Ryan to get a dictionary an look up the meaning of the word “inclusive.”

Clay Varga


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