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Letter: United States must maintain its dominance in space race

Fifty years ago, America was involved in a space race with the Soviet Union. It culminated in sending a manned space capsule to the moon and back. It was a resounding success. United Sates was the winner of that space race.

Today, domestic competition between private companies and NASA is heating up. A new era of manned exploration is taking a central stage.

However, another nation is also competing in the space race. It is China.

China is only the third country in the world that has independently sent humans into space.

It is planning to launch its own permanent space station in 2020 and a manned expedition to the moon.

One of its goals is to construct space based solar power satellites that would beam energy back to earth. With such ambitious plans, China is accelerating the space race!

During the next decade, the United States must make an even greater financial investment in space exploration.

The implications and rewards are enormous.

There will be spinoff innovations that produce useful items for all humans, greater world political leadership, superior weather predictions and better technologies for future exploration of the cosmos – humanities’ greatest frontier.

Looking towards the heavens makes our lives on earth much better while protecting our mother earth. If we do not make the investment, China is heading toward supremacy of commercial space exploration.

Thus, who is going to win the next space race?

W. John Kozinski

West Seneca

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