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Letter: Buffalo as “police state” is an unfair accusation

I read the March 28 Another Voice submitted by two of the members of the WNY Peace Center.

They state that Buffalo Police officer Corey Krug was acquitted on the three charges brought against him “for some reason.”

For their information, acquittal is determined by the jury when there is insufficient evidence to convict. I’d say that’s reason enough.

As far as retribution for accusing any officer of excessive force, the complainant in this case was later arrested for marijuana possession because it’s against the law, at least for now.

As far as the Supreme Court “eroding citizens’ protections from abuse by policing forces,” have you heard of the Miranda warning?

Among other rights granted to suspects is the right to free counsel.

Yes, Krug was represented by an excellent attorney, but it certainly wasn’t free. True, there are police officers who use excessive force, but they are few and far between.

Perhaps the WNY Peace Center is not aware of the rigorous psychological testing all recruits are subjected to, to determine their mental state, and tendencies to be unfair or brutal.

If they don’t pass these tests, they are not accepted to the academy.

Thomas J. Walsh, Sr.


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