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Letter: This country could learn from New Zealand’s leader

Slow poke nation, that’s the United States today.

When a gun tragedy happened in New Zealand, the prime minister took just a few days to change gun laws for the better and in just two weeks it will be law!

We have been arguing about gun control for decades and have done little about it. Slow pokes! Our regional and national infrastructure needs massive updating and replacement. There is seldom money or political will to do the job. Slow poke nation.

Americans need quality health care for everyone! Many nations already have it. We are the slow poke nation. Minorities still suffer from poverty, discrimination and poor education.

Albany and Washington still argue and the federal government under Trump does little to help. Slow poke nation. Maybe we can learn something from the Prime Minister of New Zealand; she not only forcefully and gracefully is enacting new gun control laws, but she is also helping on a personal level to heal her nation.

So much of New Zealand is rising up to help the country’s Muslin population. President Trump and America could learn from tiny New Zealand.

Joseph Yonder


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