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Letter: Think first, before re-electing our nation’s chief executive

Does anyone remember when our Congress was called “The Do Nothing Congress?” I do.

All (or most) of these politicians just couldn’t get out of their own way, and nothing was getting done.

This division in my opinion created a generalized apathy among voters.

Then along comes a man who jumped all over this ideation, low hanging fruit.

He put his spin on this and exacerbated all our worst fears and disgust with government.

So, we elected him as our president. During his past two years there have been numerous investigations and scandals; he is not viewed as credible.

From here on in this says more about us than about him, because we hear and see what he’s all about.

I caution all of us about staying in our comfort zone(s) and to have clear and open minds about 2020.

Re-evaluate this president, the leader of the free world and ask yourself, “does he really deserve and has he earned the privilege of being president again?”

Margaret Bakowski


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