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Letter: Let’s work on improving more downtown builldings

We all love a good Sabres game, right? Or maybe just a visit to Canalside on a nice day?

I find it quite disturbing that every time I go anywhere near the heart of the city, I have to drive past and traverse what appears to be the remains of a rundown city.

How can it be that right next to such grand attractions as Harborcenter or the arena, not even 30 seconds away, are old abandoned buildings that look like they haven’t been maintained in years? It’s sickening and almost painful to witness.

We have all these interesting and unique places surrounded by such vacancy and despair. It’s pathetic, and I feel that the city should try harder for everyone’s sake.

The recent funding towards renovations of the Broadway Market are a step in the right direction, but we need more contributions like that if we’re going to get the city looking more respectable. I’d take anything over the current husks of leftover establishments.

City renovations could not only help the appearance but also the economy. The city could benefit from more local businesses, from employment to increased revenue.

It could offer people the jobs they need while also having the potential to draw in others who would have otherwise just driven by.

As an 18-year-old, I always hear about what a great and booming city Buffalo once was, and I want nothing more but to see that now fictional city recreated.

Naseem Shtayeh


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