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Letter: Consider consequences of banning plastic bags

The potential ban on plastic bags is good in its intention to address the negative environmental impact they impose, as demonstrated in plastic strewn bodies of water, the abundance of them thoughtlessly tossed on streets and blown in the winds to contribute to “litterfests” at numerous sites.

However, a less heavy-handed solution should be pursued, first. That is, educating the public via TV news, radio, social media and snail mail correspondence about the detriments and what to do to significantly reduce the harmful consequences of improper disposal.

How many veteran recyclers knew the bags shouldn’t be put in recyling totes until recent news coverage? (My hand is raised.)

Legislators and government leadership, most likely car owners, are probably unaware of the hardship a stoppage would impose on those who don’t drive. (Buffalo, with its high poverty ranking, has large numbers.)

To be confined to unhandy, rippable paper bags and/or personal tote bags would be a major inconvenience for numerous non-drivers who may carry groceries, etc., on buses and trains. It could restrict spontaneous shopping. Who wants to carry totes, just in case?

If the ban is enacted, I suggest handles, especially on large paper grocery bags, should become the standard.

Kat Massey


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