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Letter: Staffing does not address lack of sound judgment

Visiting a relative in a five-star long-term care home, I was taken aback to find out that the dining room tables were too low to allow a wheelchair to fit underneath.

Wheelchair-bound residents were challenged to convey food to their mouths over the distance of the table and the wheelchair with shaking hands. They ended up with salad in their laps and meatloaf on their shirts. You can imagine the fate of liquids and soft foods.

Complaints to the administrator left the problem unsolved for the several months that I visited there. All it would have taken is sets of risers at $25 each to put under the table legs.

How can you furnish a long-term care home with furniture that’s too low?

All the staffing in the world wouldn’t have kept these poor people from getting soup in their socks. There are problems that staffing alone can’t address.

Nancy Kaczmarek


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