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Letter: Town of Hamburg should unlock gates at Woodlawn

Jeers to the Town of Hamburg! First, they decided to take over Woodlawn Beach State Park even though the majority of residents did not want them to. When they failed to see a profit, they charged all of us residents in our tax bills for the massive shortcomings. Now they are locking the gates so we cannot even use the state park we are paying an unnecessary bill for.

They started locking the gates to the parking lot in the fall and when I questioned it, the gates were opened. They started locking the gates again after the wind storm that left mountains of ice along the shore. I called the town again and was told by Supervisor James Shaw that he did not even know the gates were being locked. He said he would find out why and call me back. I am still waiting for that call.

There are many town residents who enjoy a walk on the beach. Most are senior citizens as am I. We just want to be able to view nature in all its glory. There is one couple who struggle to get from the handicap space to the end of the boardwalk where they just sit on the bench by the playground and enjoy the view. I haven’t seen them or any of the other regulars since the gate was locked. Why, because they cannot make the much longer trek from the service road to the beach. Some days I can and some days I can’t because of my rheumatoid arthritis and dystrophy.

It has been about 55 years since I last saw the ice mountain phenomena. Being as it seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime event why not let the people walk down to the beach and see it? If you want to tell me it’s dangerous, don’t you think we know that. You can be assured that all of us seniors have enough common sense not to climb on the ice even if we were capable. When is the last time you saw Allegany State Park or any other state park locked up so the taxpayers cannot enjoy what they are paying for? And why are there often private vehicles in the locked-up parking lot, is it a friends and family thing for town employees?

Jeanette Andrews


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