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Letter: Northern Access pipeline should finally move forward

There has been a great deal of misinformation put out lately regarding the National Fuel’s Northern Access pipeline project, including recent opinion pieces in The Buffalo News. The Northern Access project will provide critical affordable, reliable energy to consumers across the region, while putting 1,680 New Yorkers to work and generating $139 million in payroll and $11.8 million in annual tax revenue.

Opponents of the project are fixated on grandiose visions of technologies that may or may not pan out over the next 30 to 50 years. In the meantime, New Yorkers will still have to heat their homes and power their lives. The only way to do that is with affordable, reliable energy.

A very small group of vocal activists with a narrow political agenda are trying to make this decision for the rest of us. They are calling for a ban on “fracked” gas even though nearly 100 percent of the natural gas being used in Western New York is domestically-produced, hydraulically fractured gas from Pennsylvania – and thanks to that, customer have the lowest natural gas bills in more than 20 years. The only alternative in the short term would be to increase the use of oil or to import liquified natural gas from Russia – like our neighbors in New England have had to do – at a much higher cost and with higher emissions.

It’s time for common sense to prevail and for the Northern Access pipeline project to move forward.

Peter Kauffmann


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