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Letter: Calling all candidates interested in uniting us

This election cycle, Democratic presidential candidates are popping up out of the woodwork almost weekly. I hear a lot about Medicare for all, free college, abolishing the Electoral College, etc.

One topic I would like to hear discussed, which never is, would be why it’s OK for banks to pay peanuts on our bank accounts. I’m old enough to remember that back in the late 60s, the banks would give you 6 percent interest on a savings account. That’s not a typographical error, or written in a marijuana haze, but reality.

Flash forward to the present and they charge customers double digit APR’s on our charge cards and grant us a pittance on bank accounts.

You’re almost better off hoarding your money in an old paint can and burying it in the backyard. If you find a bank willing to give you 2 percent interest, you feel like you won the lottery.

Another pet peeve is can we stop with the crazy talk?

If you read a news story you don’t agree with it’s not “fake news” and the media outlet is not an “enemy of the people.” The recent bashing of deceased war hero John McCain does nothing but diminishes the accuser as petty and a lesser man than the recipient of his vitriol.

We need candidates from either party who will try to unite us instead of dividing us. Someone who will display by example that we are better than this because we were better than this.

If you’re out there somewhere, you have my vote.

Paul Bojanowski


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