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Tim Hortons fans, get ready for freebies: Tim's launches rewards program

If you’re a repeat customer at Tim Hortons, get ready for some free goodies.

The company will launch a rewards program that will give returning members free baked goods, coffee and tea. Those who track their purchases will receive one free offer every seventh visit.

Why every seventh visit? Tim Horton’s jersey number was 7 when he played in Canada. He wore number 2 when he played for the Sabres, so some could make the case that members should get rewards every second visit. I guess we should just be grateful he didn’t wear Wayne Gretzky’s 99.

Other offers and discounts will also be available. For a beginning promotional period, you’ll also receive a free reward with your first purchase of $1.50 or more.

Rewards are calculated by visits, not by number of purchases or dollars spent. Each visit must be at least 30 minutes apart and contain a purchase of at least 50 cents.

The program starts April 10.

To track your purchases and start earning rewards, you can do one of three things:

  • Download the app to your smartphone
  • Download the rewards program to your digital wallet
  • Pick up a free rewards card at a Tim Hortons store and register it online at Tim
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