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Letter: Catholics must keep faith and refuse to be overcome

Sadly, the ongoing scandal in the Catholic Church has led many Catholics to sever their ties to the church. The accusations and evidence against many priests is disturbing and the effect it has had on the young victims is heart wrenching. This cannot be understated. The church must bear responsibility and take immediate action whatever the consequences.

Fortunately, many faithful Catholics are standing strong in their faith against the daily onslaught of bad news. My wife and I count ourselves among them.

The Catholic Church is still and will always remain the Church of Saint Peter; the Rock upon whom Jesus Christ built His Church.

The power of the devil must never be taken lightly and its evil can be found everywhere, even in the church itself. Instead of abandoning the church, Catholics must renew their resolve to uphold the word of God. If one leaves the church, the devil wins.

This scandal has overshadowed all the good the church does every day through its many charities here, and missions throughout the world. So, we solemnly ask that all Catholic continue to go to Mass, support their parish and its many fine charities. It has never been more important than it is today.

Don’t let the devil win.

Paul and Beth Weslow


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