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Letter: Candidates should make term limits part of platform

During these tumultuous times, our politicians are battling over the serious issues for the American people.

Health care, immigration, climate change are all extremely important issues and are currently brought to the forefront by the many Democratic candidates.

All are worthy of consideration and all will be debated through the next two years. There will be disagreements about what is more important and will be flushed out through the process.

Whatever one side comes up with will ultimately be dismissed by the opposing party.

That’s just politics in today’s world. There is a unifying issue for both sides that is most actively discussed in non-election years but seemingly forgotten during the actual run.

Both sides yearn for … term limits. We complain about the politicians that get elected, work for a year or so and begin campaigning for their next term. Two four-year terms should be the limit.

Leave office for a term and run again if they so choose.

I think we’d all feel better if we could believe our elected officials didn’t have to consider donor monies, fund raising, or re-election campaigns and could actually work for us instead of themselves.

I find it somewhat strange but completely predictable that no candidate finds this important enough to make it part of their proposed platform. I wish they did.

Vincent Arnone


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