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Letter: Trump is wreaking disaster with environmental policies

My fervent hope is that you folks who are clinging myopically to our president’s coattails might now face the reality of his disastrous environmental policies as they reach closer to home.

As reported by T.J. Pignataro on page 1 of March 14 The Buffalo News, the Trump team will continue to cut funds for Great Lakes restoration by 90 percent in the new budget.

For us inhabitants of these United States, the Great Lakes supply water to 80 percent of our population: for that reason alone, it is imperative that we keep them clean and robust.

But on a local and more personal level, many of us depend on our beloved Erie for boating, fishing and all sorts of recreation.

As recently as a decade ago, our lake was festering with rotted algae: to swim or boat, we had to evade ubiquitously floating clumps of this noxious slime, one obvious result of rampant pollution in these lakes. Even to reach the water from most beaches, we doggedly waded through some 20 feet of this decaying muck putrefying at the shoreline.

The lake seemed doomed, but miraculously, because of the previous administration’s federally mandated Great Lakes Restoration Initiative which allotted two billion to clean these polluted waters, for the past few years we have all enjoyed a far cleaner lake.

This recent disregard for our vital natural resource, our Great Lakes, simply serves as a microcosm for the Trump administration’s egregious indifference to our planet’s impending peril; instead, it wantonly opens our nation’s coffers to a useless wall, to tax rebates for the uber wealthy, to incarcerating innocent immigrant children, and soon, to an inane Space Force proposal.

Iris Skoog


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