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Letter: Marijuana legalization should be no big deal

Reefer madness, you got to be kidding. All the concern about legalizing pot. Do the worriers know how long pot has always been very easy to get in New York State? At least 50 years or more.

Everyone has been doing it already. Rich and poor, young and old, in all professions. All doing their jobs with no problems. Nor do they have health issues from pot or have they turned to harder drugs.

Vietnam was the turning point. Some used it for pain relief or anxiety. Some only on weekends or vacations. Some would rather smoke pot than drink, feeling like they had more control. Pot also helps people to break their addiction to pain pills which have become a huge problem.

So, you see what is the big concern? I see a lot of positive not negative with legalization, like health benefits, jobs and tax revenue. With all the places around us that made it legal how do you think it will already not be more available than what it already was. James Wagner


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