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Letter: Dems have lost focus, sense with misinformed message

I can’t believe what is happening to the Democratic party. I understand that they simply can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump got elected, while almost every pundit, news network, celebrities and late-night TV got it all wrong.

It’s not so much that Trump is bashed every day and over 90 percent of the news paints him in a negative way, it’s the ideas being offered by the left. They’re preaching Democratic Socialism.

I understand the environment is very important, but not only is this green new deal not going to work, (convince other countries to comply) the spend on this is insane.

The Dems changed their position on a wall with a door, and want to give illegal aliens driver licenses, the right to vote and other perks while we have legal U.S. citizens that need help. Now they’re talking about lowering the voting age to 16, want to add to the Supreme Court, free college and single payer insurance, and eliminate the Electoral College.

In regards to single payer insurance, please note Finland, as their single payer insurance platform just imploded. All of this adds up to one word. Desperation. They’re floating ideas that are not feasible, and fixes that are too costly and/or won’t work. They clearly need votes.

Lastly, I can’t help wonder what moderate, level-headed Democrats think about their party. And to think years ago, I was with you.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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