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Letter: Cheektowaga Warriors owe teen a sincere public apology

Regarding the March 17 article, “Amherst teen subjected to racial taunts during game” how can the other Cheektowaga Warriors’ players allow their teammates to behave in such a rude manner without repercussions?

The epitome of poor sportsmanship was definitely on display that night. Their taunting cost them more than their game, competition, and ability to play on the 18 and under team.

We’re talking integrity, self-respect, and their future involvement in sports, not to mention the reputation of their school. Most importantly, do the two players understand how they made another human being feel?

Lastly, how about a public apology from the individuals committing such a cruel and disrespectful act to the poor victim they targeted. It might be a start in teaching these young men how to treat the human race.

Kathy Hall-Zientek

East Aurora

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