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Editorial: It seems to us — Agnes leaves, Woodstock returns, snakes make themselves at home

Here’s to Agnes the giraffe. Born at the Buffalo Zoo on Aug. 8, 1994, Agnes never saw an African plain or even a roaming lion, except, perhaps, by peering into another exhibit.

But she was well cared for and she brought joy to untold numbers of visitors and perhaps even a level of understanding that will benefit other giraffes, both in the wild and in captivity.

Agnes died on Thursday, suffering from advanced arthritis and other health problems that resisted treatment. Raise a long-neck beer to her memory.


One of the most instructive and aggravating ways to measure the swift passage of time is by taking note of the accumulation of anniversaries. This year’s bucket of cold water is the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock concert that occurred Aug, 15-18, 1969, and in, well, not Woodstock. But never mind.

There’s even an anniversary concert, Aug. 16-18, in Watkins Glen that features an array of young artists along with a pack of old-timers who were there way back when, including Santana, Canned Heat and a couple of Johns: Fogerty and Sebastian. They may be 50 years older, but they’re still out there kicking it and making everything … groovy. Note: Old-timer is not synonymous with old.


This happened near Albany.

A homeowner had crawled under his house after high winds disrupted his cable television service. While he was under there, he caught sight of a few snakes and beat a hasty retreat.

It was a good idea.

Wisely, he called in the professionals to remove the reptiles, but what the professionals found was heart-stopping: 45 rattlesnakes coiled up, trying to stay warm in winter, according to the Associated Press. The pros safely pulled them out.

But did we forget to mention that his was Albany, Texas? It’s a town of about 2,000 people — and who knows how many rattlesnakes — not far from Abilene. Most importantly, it’s nowhere near New York.

Don’t you just love New York?


It’s spring. Get ready for the snow.

It happens every year, of course. It’s just that, like any traumatic event, it’s easy to repress the memory. Haven’t we had enough already?

Still, we’re content to look on the bright side. The days are quickly lengthening, daylight saving time has returned and at some point next month, wands of forsythia will hail the arrival of real spring.

In the meantime, happy pretend spring. It’ll do.

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