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Letter: Trump launches tacky tweets against war hero, McCain

As a Vietnam Veteran, I have always had a great deal of admiration and respect for John McCain. John McCain was not only a Vietnam Veteran, he was a true American hero.

Now seven months after his death the president once again disparages and disrespects John McCain in a mean-spirited tweet. He just can’t seem to let it go. Trump just can’t seem to get over the man that John McCain was and the man that he isn’t. He never will be half the man that John McCain was.

John McCain joined the service and served his country honorably and was a prisoner of war for more than five years in the Hanoi Hilton. The Trumpster was a draft dodger with five phony deferments for bone spurs and a coward. This overblown narcissist just can’t get over the respect and admiration that McCain still receives from his grave.

Trump finally made it to Vietnam some 50 years after his disabling bone spurs attack that helped him dodge the draft in the 60s.

Trump was down the street from the Hanoi Hilton on his recent trip to Nam. This phony could have paid a visit to this chamber of horrors that hundreds of POWs endured years of torture in. He could have made some peace with all Vietnam Veterans that he has referred to as losers and fools for their service in this war. But no, this man has no more strength or integrity then he did over 50 years ago.

That’s why this small, vengeful man for as long as he lives will always remain in the shadow of John McCain even from his grave. To John McCain and all those that proudly served, “thank you for your service.”

Phil Ryan

Vietnam veteran


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