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Letter: DL&W pedestrian bridge is a failure on transparency

Does Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise of “the most transparent and open administration in the history of state government” not apply to “Costs nix pedestrian bridge from DL&W Terminal to KeyBank Center,” in the March 14 News.

Authority spokeswoman Helen Tederous must have missed the bosses’ memo when she “would not reveal even if it had received any proposals from potential developers.” So did Kristin O’Neill, assistant executive director of the state’s Committee on Open Government, when she said “the authority faces no requirement to disclose whether it garnered any interest in the project from developers.”

One potential developer Rocco R. Termini, who has expressed strong DL&W interest over the years concluded the project cannot succeed without major subsidies was candid when saying “I’ll bet nobody submitted a bid. It’s just impossible to do without some big government subsidy.”

The Federal Transit Administration must have had good reasons to twice previously turn down Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority proposed grant applications to support this project. Odds are that the “the third time will be a charm” will not result in the next federal grant application being approved.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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