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Letter: Rising global warming issues must be properly addressed

The scientific debate over the existence of manmade global warming has been settled, all stones upturned, all doubts addressed. And yes, the Earth’s well-being is threatened by the hand of man. Consequently, everyone’s participation is needed in turning the tide against it to secure a stable and clean environment. We need to utilize green energy sources available and keep an open mind on new ideas, while conserving the use of fossil fuel.

We spend our lives perfecting our health, happiness and material acquisitions but what will it all mean when our surroundings become more and more intolerable, with stronger storms, increased temperature swings and properties destroyed? Add to that, vegetational challenges, lifestyle changes needed and price increases. On a more profound level, what are we passing on to our children?

I have an excellently designed car which suits my needs well, is fit for the long run and has a 38- to 41 miles per gallon rating, releasing less carbon into the air than many other vehicles. Automobiles account for a large percentage of the carbon building up in our atmosphere.

We need, in 20 years’ time, significant implementation of reasonably priced green energy to reverse global warming.

Judy Catalano


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