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Letter: Republican senators fail to stop detrimental policies

The majority of Republican Senators would not back a resolution that would retain the “power of the purse,” the power to own government spending and have allowed President Trump to control expenditures and would give him more power at the expense of Congress.

The American people have more important needs than a border wall “paid for by the Mexicans.” Our requisites are an Infrastructure Bill to fix our crumbling highways and bridges.

An education bill to train all our students and unemployed adults in cyber technology. We must save health care and lower the cost of drugs. The military families must have decent housing. We could save Social Security by increasing coverage up to $250,000.

We can secure all our borders by examining all trucks, cars, busses, planes, people and packages entering this country. We must solve our immigration problem by hiring more judges to determine who deserves asylum. Global warming must be diminished and in Buffalo, The Great Lakes Restoration must be preserved.

Kathleen Warren


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