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Letter: Trump’s words fall short during times of outrage

When our nation suffers a tragedy, we have come to expect that the president will deliver a message that comforts and consoles all of us.

All previous presidents have accepted that responsibility. In a moment of national outrage and grief, they have spoken words that offer compassion and hope.

Think Barack Obama after the church massacre in South Carolina. Can anyone imagine Donald Trump singing “Amazing Grace?”

Trump has many bad qualities that he demonstrates on a daily basis. In the face of unimaginable tragedy, his actions and words remain singularly focused on himself.

After the most recent mass shooting in New Zealand he was asked if he thought there was a troubling rise is white supremacy movements. He said no, that the problem only involved a small group of people with serious problems. That response, in the face of data that indicates otherwise.

One of the things we have learned about this president is that he lacks the gene to see what is happening and respond appropriately.

Trump is simply incapable of understanding and seeing beyond what is politically expedient. He distorts and lies for his personal benefit.

Truth and character (among other things) have gone south with this presidency. One hopes 2020 will bring a change of direction.

Daniel Conny

Orchard Park

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