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Letter: Reinstate former CAO board and investigate wrongdoing

On Sunday, Sept. 9, the Buffalo News Opinion page article states “BMHA audit needed.” Mark Schroeder, city comptroller, ends up stating his office will do the job.

In the next few months he is offered a state job. Coincidence, What do you think?

Now, Nathan Hare is fired by the Board of Directors at the Community Action Organization only to be illegally reinstated, according to George K. Arthur, by a lawyer with close ties to the Mayor.

Sadly, this is how the political game plays out. This political maneuver undermines honesty and must be fought “tooth and nail” by the board members that have the best interest of the organization at heart.

Taxpayer money that is earmarked for the neediest among us has to be tenaciously monitored. As taxpayers, all of us must demand an audit of the CAO and demand the board members removed be reinstated.

Joseph Allen


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