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Letter: New York should cancel Northern Access Pipeline

The Northern Access Pipeline should be terminated by the state because construction will damage Western New York waterways.

The 77 waterway crossings required will produce bank erosion, destroy plant and animal life along the streams and aquatic life in the streams.

In 2014 New York State banned fracking statewide because of damage that would be done to the environment. My wife and I submitted many critical comments during the review and were pleased that action was taken to protect our health and the waters.

Why should New York ban fracking and then build a pipeline to carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania, most of which will be exported to Canada?

Gas exported to Canada requires a lower moisture content which means that a dewatering station must be built before exporting the gas.

We know landowners who are in court opposing the loss of some of their land to National Fuel who are using Eminent Domain condemnation to seize land to build the Northern Access Pipeline. Our family has used the Presbyterian Camp Duffield which has been moved because of the pipeline. As a licensed Civil Engineer, I am appalled to hear when pipelines break spilling millions of gallons of gas and oil into the environment. Design and inspection have clearly failed us. In a factory, pipelines are designed to not fail. If there is a failure then the normally installed check valve stops the flow into the building.

An agreement that costs a lot and gives little benefit should be cancelled. The same should be done with pipelines. New York State should cancel the Northern Access Pipeline.

William H. Townsend, Ph.D.


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