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Letter: Judges delivered injustices in sentencing Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman for Donald Trump, received jail sentences from Virginia and Washington federal judges that were a slap in the face to all federal prosecutors.

In the Virginia case the conviction could have easily been 18 of 18 except for one juror who caused no conviction for 10 of 18 charges.

The judge praised Manafort for a prior “unblemished record.”

How did the judge know that Manafort had a prior unblemished life? (Manafort had the audacity to lie to Special Counsel Robert Mueller after he agreed to cooperate.)

The guideline for a judge in sentencing was between 19 to 24 years. However, this possibly politically motivated judge gave 47 months or one month short of four years. With time served that is a few months over three years. Basically, this judge gave an actual sentence equal to only 16.67 percent of the highest guideline. This sentence was just ridiculous.

Compare that sentence to the “fixer,” Michael Cohen who spilled his guts to Mueller and to Congress, and for his troubles got the same sentence as the Virginia judge gave.

Then there was the Washington judge. In her admonishment of Manafort, prior to the sentencing, it appeared that the judge was going to sentence him at or near the guideline of 10 years. However, this judge too wimped out. The sentence was an additional 3½ years. Therefore, from potential maximum guidelines of up to 34 years, Manafort was seven years from both courts, or approximately 21 percent.

Both sentences were an injustice.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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