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Letter: Words matter in telling the story of today’s politics

Words matter in telling the story of today’s politics

Attention folks! Here comes the hit job on Bernie Sanders, courtesy of mainstream media. A New York Times article published on the front page of The News spews venomous fear mongering. Headline: “Centrists squirm as Democrats swerve left.” Swerve: “to turn aside suddenly from a straight line” (connotation: out of control). A solid majority of Democrats favor many policies that Bernie has advocated for since before 2016. That is not a swerve. That is deliberate movement proceeding in a straight line toward a desired destination.

Observe some scary words in the first sentence of this article, published as hard news, not opinion: “The sharp left turn … unnerving moderate Democrats, who increasingly fear that the party could fritter away its chances … by careening over a liberal cliff”.

The second sentence of the article opines that “the leading Democratic contenders have largely broken with consensus politics and embraced leftist ideas” on issues. Actually, the consensus among Americans is that fundamental change is needed, as evidenced by their steady support of many policies espoused by leading Democratic candidates.

As the media breathlessly await the entrance of moderate savior Joe Biden into the race, reflect on what a return to “normalcy” would look like.

Just a few years ago, normalcy enveloped a struggling middle class, where student debt stunted growth, where the wealth gap between rich and poor increased, and where financial devastation lurked for random victims of illness and injury.

This campaign, please pay close attention to words, policies, and their respective sources.

Marty J. Walters


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