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Letter: Trump drums up a legion of ‘evil forces’ to combat

During his run for office, Donald Trump claimed repeatedly that evil people were out to destroy America. He said that he, and only he, could stop them, and his assertions were so politically successful that they became his go-to war cry whenever he needed to drum up a new round of support.

He began by targeting Muslims, describing them as gun-toting, bomb-throwing fanatics who had danced in celebration of 9/11, terrorists who could be stopped by nothing less than a complete and total ban on their entry into the country. When he became president, he immediately decreed that ban.

When the courts intervened and the ban was whittled down to restrictions on travel from a half-dozen countries, the president turned to a new threat, the “caravans” of would-be immigrants marching toward our southern border, caravans he claimed were filled with drug dealers, thieves, and rapists, a fearsome tsunami of evil that could only be stopped by a60-foot-high concrete wall across the entire border with Mexico.

When Congress balked at funding the wall and resisted his attempt to crack its resolve by shutting down the government, the president discovered yet another threat, the “socialists,” mostly young Democrats whose beliefs don’t fit the traditional definition of socialism, which is “government ownership of the means of production,” but who do favor government programs to attack social, environmental, and economic problems.

I wonder, however, if there isn’t another “threat” already teed up in the presidential mind. Last year, an object from outer space zipped through the solar system at unprecedented speed, prompting speculation that it was an alien spaceship, and recently, the White House issued a directive creating a new “Space Force.”

Perhaps the president believes that Muslims, Mexicans, and socialists aren’t scary enough, so now, it’s time to worry about the Klingons.

George Morse


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