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Letter: Thiessen’s opinions are just that, opinions

It always fascinates me in how amazingly different we can view, see and think about the same subject.

I’ve recently had a number of discussions with various people in regards to Marc Thiessen’s featured column.

A number of your more recent column writers believe he is not a worthy writer. All those in conversation with me would beg to differ. To the last person, they agree that Thiessen is the most refreshing featured columnist to appear in The Buffalo News in years.

Thiessen is a competent centrist who views problems and options with reasonable solutions through a clear lens. Certainly, not through a narrow, my way or no way viewpoint. He gets his facts right and he says it like it is. His past and present political knowledge is so broad, he can challenge both right and left.

What Thiessen’s detractors disparage about his writings is the hard truth of what he is telling us. He will tell us straight out that Trump lies, then he tells us how he also has kept many of his campaign promises, many of them tried and failed by his predecessors.

I do agree with one writer that George Will’s column has value, but for most of the featured columns it’s simply hate and denounce Trump.

Viewpoints are just that, viewpoints, if you can’t have a balance, it’s all a lie.

Many of us see Thiessen’s commentary as refreshing and valued.

Karen Flumerfeldt


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