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Letter: Coal miners’ willingness to adapt in crisis is inspiring

The Washington Post article published in The Buffalo News on Feb. 27, “West Virginians in coal country are turning to beekeeping to help make ends meet” is truly inspiring.

West Virginia’s plush coal mines were the breadbasket for generations. It was the apple of their eye until mines came to standstill.

Fifteen West Virginia counties were harmed by job losses from the industry’s decline, casting the hardworking miners and their families into limbo, their blossoming economy shattering into pieces.

The tough, dedicated coal miners had nothing to lose. All that the miners had to do was to build the hives to house the bees, while the rest followed: gallons of honey, honey scented soap, lip balm, and wax candles, all America’s favorite household goods enriched the economy.

It’s worth pondering over, how the West Virginians pulled together to turn their economy around, with flying colors, by their pure practical ingenuity, as the old idiom pinpoints, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

West Virginia is indeed a model to the nation.

Henry Crasta


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