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Letter: Cellphone addictive behavior imposed on others is rude

I had the pleasure of attending our annual Sabres game outing the other night at KeyBank Center with three senior friends of many years. While the game itself was a thrill and the friendly banter of us friends was hilarious at times, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the fans next to me. Believe it or not, cellphone addiction and rudeness during a hockey game raised its ugly head right next to me, and I did everything I could to not escalate my true feelings to these rude individuals.

Not only would these two ladies sitting next to me for different periods of the game not watch the game, they both continually extended their arms into my space to better allow faster text keying. Without even courteous excuses from either one, this surely highlights the problem of the self-centered millennial; I will do whatever I want and I don’t care who it affects! The result is rudeness.

I think the reason I highlight this experience is that it underscores the real problem today of cellphone addiction.

Can you imagine if these ladies were driving home from the game, what level of distraction they impose on the road, and how many innocent people are placed in danger?

We have all seen this on the road daily and it is scary that it is not policed or controlled. I think the only way to improve the situation is to continue to highlight the negatives, hoping that it leads to positive reaction.

James R. Ahrens


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