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Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest: March 2019 winners

I was a little worried that such open-ended image in this month’s contest would shorten the response, but the opposite proved true. The pot of clever captions we received was brimming over, at around 825 entries. Readers took this month in many directions, from the locally-flavored Lucky Charms jokes to the unexpected Olive Oyl and Ocasio-Cortez references.

A few of the winners represented the best in a category. When several readers submit different versions of the same great caption, we award the best executed of bunch.

And the winners are...

First Place
“Could you pick up the tab? I’m a wee bit short.”— Jim Nowicki, Buffalo NY

Second Place
“Just once I'd like to go in a restaurant and not have the waiter say ‘all our food is magically delicious.’”— James Majka, Niagara Falls NY

Third Place
“What do you mean, we don’t see eye to eye?” — Marie Bonaventura, Williamsville NY

“It’s like I don’t even exist when you are on that thing!”— Laura Crofton, Lancaster NY

“You’re not one of those pot-of-gold diggers, are you?”— Robert W. Fortenbaugh, Orchard Park NY

“I told you I was a little Irish!”— Kris Bajdas, West Seneca NY

“I'm being short because you're glued to that thing.”— Tim Connell, Lancaster NY

“The Lucky Charms people are terminating you're contract... they want to go in a new direction...”— Jim Bukaty, Buffalo NY

"When I was a wee lad fish fries were this big and the fish hung off both sides of the plate."— Robert Lohr, Hamburg NY

“If you’re looking for the opposite of tall, dark, and handsome, I’m your man.”— Michael Smith, Manchester CT

“It's right there, Darling, on my Tinder profile: ‘Danny DeVito-type enjoys long walks to the end of rainbows.’”— Kate Dee, Hamburg NY

“Sorry I'm a little green when it comes to dating.”— Kevin Smith, Depew NY

“This is not what I thought my horoscope meant about ‘getting Lucky.’”— Lauren May, East Aurora NY

“Don’t bother. I’ve tried every combination of ‘End of Rainbow’ in Google maps. I still can’t find my pot of gold.”— Bruce Andriatch, Amherst NY

“Stop looking for the calories in corned beef and cabbage, we’ll be late for the parade.”— Melvyn Grundner, Williamsville NY

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