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Letter: Editorial is wrong to call for an end to fusion voting

As a registered voter in the Working Families Party I must express my complete disagreement with The Buffalo News editorial calling for the end of fusion voting.

Along with other WFP members, I have just finished in-person interviews with 109 candidates seeking our endorsement, candidates who also completed a 16-page questionnaire that laid out the major issues important to the party.

In no way is our endorsement up for sale, nor is it a pawn in exchange for patronage jobs. WFP members make endorsement decisions based on candidates’ alignment with our values and issues.

Both Democratic and Republican parties have liberal and conservative candidates. A minor party endorsement, especially one from the WFP which has a serious interview process, provides a voter with important information which helps determine whether the candidate supports liberal or conservative platforms.

And what’s wrong with progressives dominating the legislative agenda? Is universal access to health care, a living wage, taking big money out of politics, or criminal justice reform bad for the people of New York? I think not.

Ellen Kennedy


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