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Letter: Americans must stand up for their rights by voting

What has happened to old-fashioned patriotic Americans and our elected representatives?

When did Americans give up their civic responsibilities and our elected representatives stop representing their constituencies?

If Americans don’t speak up to their elected representatives to let them know how they want to be represented how will those representatives know … mindreading?

Right now, in our country, and especially here in New York, we have a vocal minority of radical socialist people and groups leading our representatives by the nose either for their personal political agenda or flat out fiscal reward.

We are seeing radical socialist unconstitutional bills in New York being whiplashed into law via “message of necessity” and other unscrupulous political tricks.

Ashamedly all of the people complaining about such laws like the New York SAFE Act, the nine-month live birth abortion law, and all of the other insane, immoral laws here in New York State either didn’t want to, or even worse know how to contact their representatives.

Naturally the radical impassioned special interest minority groups will dominate the legislative process if you personally don’t do your civic duty and participate in the process more than pay taxes and vote once, if that, a year.

And hold your hats New Yorkers because Dictator Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be forcing even more through very soon. One such bill (A01413) just proposed by, go figure downstate Democrats, to ban alcohol and guns from being prizes at gun and other raffles is in the Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee.

This upcoming law directly effects your personal volunteer fire departments all around the state and in your backyard. Stand up and speak out for your rights or soon you may simply not have any.

The United States isn’t too big to fail, ask the USSR.

Frank Kolbmann


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