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Letter: Do not punish everyone using pain medications

The article regarding going too far in the opioid epidemic was right on point. With every problem when a solution is finally found, that solution is taken too far, which was point of the article.

I have arthritis, all my joints are not properly formed and a bone disease has resulted in 28 surgeries. I’m almost 65, pain has been a part of practically my entire daily life.

Now my pain meds are being cut. I have always taken my medication responsibly. Products over the counter simply won’t cut it. There is not only the physical effects of pain, but it brings on depression, mood swings, massive fatigue and can adversely affect relationships.

Yes, something should be done about the abuse of prescribed pain medicine, but not at the expense of those who do it right and play by the book.

Whatever the circumstances of someone who becomes hooked, I had nothing to do with it. Why should I and the others who do not abuse our meds be punished? Sure, if someone becomes addicted or overdoses then cut back on that person’s prescription, but not everyone!

I thought you were innocent until proven guilty? I guess if you have to take pain meds, it is assumed you will become an abuser.

David Schaff


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