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Letter: Colvin Estates development must not endanger habitat

Watching the bulldozing and removal of trees from the embankment, where the Colvin Estates are being squeezed into, I do not see how Marrano was given the green light for this development.

The engineering which would be necessary to safeguard the surrounding homes seems so obvious even to the casual observer.

As a longtime resident of the North Buffalo area it is sad to note there was no appreciable environmental considerations either.

The removal of the trees is a great loss to the health and well-being of the people as well as the wildlife. This area is home to deer, falcons, hawks and wild turkeys and their prey. Even pheasants once graced our path along the railroad tracks.

Let us not become a community unaware of the great outdoors, only to complain of the deer problem after we have destroyed their habitat for the gain of a wealthy developer.

Gail Diefendorf


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