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Letter: Body cameras make police worried about accusations

Recently, the City of Buffalo purchased body cams for its police force and one has to wonder if the goal is to provide better protection for its citizens or prevent police officers from doing their jobs for fear of called out for police brutality.

When I was a boy in the City of Buffalo back in the 50s, cops roamed a beat and carried a night stick.

Police had the citizens respect because a cop was not afraid to use it if you got out of line.

In today’s society, we appear to be more concerned about protecting a perp’s civil rights than enforcing the law. Criminals know this and are not afraid to bait a police officer into doing something that they hope will be caught on camera.

Every day our officers go out into the streets not knowing whether they will return home at night because they may have to hesitate in the performance of their duty to ensure that society’s worst doesn’t have their ego hurt.

What starts out as an officer enforcing the law can quickly escalate into racial profiling when a perp mouths off or resists arrest, and a cop retaliates while enforcing the law.

Perhaps that money spent on cameras could have been better spent on more officers with night sticks walking the beat allowing them to do their jobs without one hand tied behind their back. Maybe then we would have less crime and they in turn will have earned society’s respect like they had when I was young.

Charles Carter


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