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Letter: Limited parking make rapid transit sole option

Limited parking make rapid transit sole option

So we decided to go to the Buffalo Home Show. We drove down on Friday, March 8, about noon. Entering the downtown area, we tried to find parking. All the ramps were filled. All street parking was taken.

Finally, on Washington, we found a space. The meter was one that required quarters, but was limited to two hours of parking.

We put in eight quarters for the $2 charge and walked the four blocks or so to the Convention Center. There we inquired where we could get more quarters. Maybe at the concession stand, one attendant suggested.

After a brief discussion with personnel, we decided we might just go home and come on a weekend day when fewer people were working downtown. We were also warned about St. Patrick’s Day for obvious reasons.

We returned to the car and decided to drive to the University at Buffalo where there is a free park and ride area. We took the subway back to downtown and returned to the Convention Center to attend the Home Show.

So, it cost us $2 to park (which we didn’t need), $8 for two round trip tickets, and an hour and a half of time to get to the Home Show.

We spent about an hour and a half at the show, and then took the subway back to UB. So ends my tale.

Jack Agugliaro


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