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Letter: Driving should not consist of constant distractions

Driving has become a contest between those who obey the rules and those who don’t.

My friend, who has an unblemished record of driving for many years, recently was involved in two auto accidents – neither of which was her fault. In both cases, she was hit in perfect daylight weather, no precipitation, no obstacles, no reason at all. Luckily, although her car was greatly damaged, she wasn’t hurt, but that isn’t the point of this letter. She could have been for all the care the other drivers were using.

Neither apologized or even showed any interest except to get moving again. Let the insurance company handle it.

Anymore, it appears so many drivers are texting, talking on the phone, eating, shaving, braiding their hair while steering with their knees (yes, I’ve seen all of these) or under various influences – taken orally, injected, sniffed or smoked.

Or, how about ignoring stop signs or lights – what a bother when you want to get somewhere. What happened to responsible driving? How can we, who don’t do any of those things, compete?

Must we indulge in some mood/mind altering substances so if we are hit, we are so relaxed it doesn’t really matter? Is there an online course on how to avoid them so we don’t have to drive to get there? When we were growing up, we called objectionable things “Dirty Pool.” I still do, but the list grows longer.

Barbara Lion


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