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County legislators get a little catty over cat law

Erie County legislators thought their intelligence was being questioned at a meeting last month when they were first considering a local law to help stray cats get adopted faster. The proposed law passed out to legislators was called "The Feline (Cat) Adoption Promotion Act of 2019."

"Does someone on staff think that legislators don't know what the word 'feline' means?" asked Legislator Kevin Hardwick.

This prompted an amusing exchange among the legislators, who jokingly said they were obviously too dumb to know that "feline" means "cat."

Legislature Chairman Peter Savage, who sponsored the local law, later said the title of the proposed law was copied from state legislation, which allows communities to shorten the amount of time a stray cat must be held by rescue organizations before being offered for adoption. Though it wasn't staffers who came up with the title, Savage said in retrospect it would have been wiser to ask them to do some selective editing before the law was introduced.

Public hearing set on proposal to get stray cats adopted sooner

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