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Spectrum subscribers: Don't miss the deadline for your rebate

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of Spectrum subscribers who received slower internet speeds than you were promised, and qualify for a free cable channel because of it, you've got until May 31 to order it.

Affected customers are being notified in their March bills whether they are eligible to choose three free months of HBO or six free months of Showtime. To order it, they must call 833-422-8795 by the deadline. Those who receive the free cable channel will not have to take action to remove it when the free months expire.

Some customers also qualify for rebates of $75 or $150 dollars, which have started showing up on customers' March statements. The rebates are only available to current customers who do not have past-due bills with the company.

Legacy subscribers to Time Warner Cable internet plans with speeds of 100 Mbps or higher are eligible for the $75 refund. They are eligible for another $75 if they had deficient modems provided by the company for two years or longer. Those customers don't have to do anything to receive their rebates.

It's part of a record settlement secured by the State Attorney General's Office, which says Spectrum failed to deliver on the "blazing fast" internet speeds it advertised. Instead, they received speeds 80 percent lower than promised, because of deficient modems, according to the lawsuit.

In all, customers are expected to receive $62.5 million in refunds and $100 million in streaming services and premium cable channels.

Spectrum, a brand of Charter Communications, said the problem stems from Time Warner Cable practices, which Charter bought in 2016.

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This latest development is not associated with the Public Service Commission ordering Spectrum to vacate the state. The commission has been in settlement talks with the company and repeatedly extended Spectrum's deadline. The two sides have said they are close to an agreement.

At issue there is Spectrum's failure to meet Public Service Commission deadlines in building out its broadband cable network to rural areas in New York.

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