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Lou Saban's classic speech makes a comeback on CBS comedy 'Mom'

One of the most famous speeches in Buffalo Bills history was on display in Thursday night’s episode of the CBS comedy “Mom.”

The episode revolved around Christy (Anna Faris) fighting a sports betting addiction while she worked as a waitress at the bar owned by the fiancé (William Fichtner) of her mother Bonnie (Allison Janney).

The scene that reminded older Bills fans of the classic locker room speech by the late Buffalo Bills Coach Lou Saban was written by Buffalo writer Nick Bakay. It was performed by Fichtner, a Western New York actor who narrated the ESPN “30 for 30" episode “Four Falls of Buffalo” about the team’s Super Bowl losses.

The speech came as Fichtner’s character Adam delivered a pep talk to two waitresses — Christy and Tammy (Kristen Johnston) before they had to work 12 hours at a sports bar during March Madness.

Adams started by telling them to “keep pounding those fluids” as Saban did in his speech.

Then he repeated Saban’s famous lines, which have been preserved on YouTube.

“If we die, we die together,” said Adam. “You can get it done, you can get it done. And what’s more, you’ve gotta get it done.”

In a text message, Bakay, one of the show’s executive producers, confirmed he wrote the scene and it had been playing in his mind since he was a teenager in Buffalo.

“I’ve been obsessed with that speech ever since I saw it on NFL Films as a lad," texted Bakay. “I was playing in the writer’s room and we all thought this episode was the perfect spot for it — especially with Bill Fichtner delivering it. All the Buffalo stars aligned.”

The episode is available to be streamed on for free.


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