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Letter: Pope continues to offer platitudes, not solutions

It was greatly disappointing to read the closing comments from the recently concluded Vatican summit on child protection.

In the pope’s final message, he indicated “a great number of child abuses cases are committed within the family.” What this has to do with pedophile priests preying on children is beyond most of our comprehension.

Can the church at this late date still cling to the notion that the seismic damage caused by these pedophiles parading as priests will subside and we will forget? Apparently, no lessons have been learned by the incredible number of abuse cases and the disgusting if not criminal cover-ups that followed.

The hierarchy continues to treat the members of the faith with disdain and feed them platitudes instead of real action. They have a million excuses as to why a strict no tolerance policy cannot be enforced and offer only prayers.

Frankly it is too late for prayers and the time for action is well underway. This continued arrogant disregard for concrete actions to eliminate any further potential for abuse and ameliorate past wrongs is infuriating.

Declining attendance, reduced giving and people leaving the church should be sufficient warning to the leadership that real action is required.

Apparently, evasion and mountains of excuses are the determined course of action for this pope.

Gary Rog


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