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Letter: Nation’s culture is steeped in examples of blackface

The use of blackface years ago is currently being vilified.

Amos ‘n’ Andy featured white vaudevillian Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll.

Everyone was guilty of listening to Amos ‘n’ Andy these black-faced characters’ picture is on the cover of a recording of their broadcast over CBS in 1948. The record was purchased at AM&A’s. Gosden and Correll began on radio in 1926 and moved to NBC in 1929.

Apparently, Amos ‘n’ Andy were mentioned numerous times in the Congressional Record.

Sponsors of this blackface duo were:

• Campbell’s Soup

• Rinso

• Rexal

Atonement is called for those of us that listened, as well as for our ancestors.

The networks and the program’s sponsors benefitted immensely by the blackface program. They should atone also.

Robert Kaiser


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