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Letter: Kraft could take his sorrow, turn it into good for victims

What I’d like to say to Mr. Robert Kraft:

Atonement is a desirable consequence of bad behavior ergo, he has the unique opportunity to demonstrate remorse and impact some long-term goodness. Since money has never been an issue, for him, I’d like to suggest establishing a campus dedicated to serving the needs of victims of sex trafficking.

Just think, he could begin righting the wrong, in some measure, by insuring victims will be provided, not only, with safe lodging and nutritional food but, also afforded professional council to address the emotional and medical needs resulting from their ordeal. Additionally, English as a second language, cultural assimilation and an ability to provide for unforeseen roadblocks, that may occur.

He just might find that his path to redemption is paved with personal joy and a rediscovered humanity. He could begin to atone, for his behavior. So, Mr. Kraft, you have an opportunity to turn despair into

. Give the gift of hope to these oppressed victims, it could be transformational not only to them but, for you as well…

Edward Vasbinder

East Amherst

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