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Letter: It will take sweeping change to restore faith

The special summit on child abuse in the church has now ended.

Leading up to the meeting, some were rehashing so-called “fundamental truths” while calling to submit peacefully to the clerical hierarchy that looked the other way for so long.

In Rome, many polite words were preached, but little of substance was promised.

We are told Pope Francis will soon issue concrete steps to be taken. But whatever he says will mean nothing when it is to be enacted by bishops who have lost the trust of the faithful.

To have change demands sweeping out the old.

the U.S. bishops should offer their resignation to the pope. He should consult with the laity before making any decision (reviving an old fashion practice), including reappointing those he may wish.

Only a dramatic action will give the church-at-large a reason to believe in the leadership of the Catholic Church.

E. Bruce Pitman


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