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Letter: GOP should not abandon established party values

As a voting citizen, I am appalled at what I see going on in Washington. We’ve allowed and continue to allow, a delusional, tyrannically-minded president to subvert our precious system of government to satisfy his personal agenda.

Those politicians who we elected need to forget about their agendas and concentrate on why we elected them in the first place – to represent their constituents.

Trump is like a ghost pointing an empty sleeve, a man devoid of what we admire in men – kindness, openness, honesty, understanding and compassion. He instead is a man possessed with traits we detest – greed, meanness, egotism, self-interest and insensitivity. He is destined to become a very lonely man in the end as he needs no one and no one needs him.

The United States is a Republic and not a state for Republicans (or Democrats) to do with as they see fit.

If Republicans think of themselves as being the party of Lincoln then they’d do well to remember the closing line of his Gettysburg Address “That government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.” Amen.

Scott Patterson


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