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Letter: Cohen can speak freely on the topic of former boss

- Bob Dylan

That’s the situation Michael Cohen finds himself in right now, and that’s why his testimonies are entirely credible.

He has nothing more to lose and the truth of his innermost workings with President Trump are out. He’s a broken, shamed, and now repentant pawn who was tangled up, by choice, in another segment of Trump’s greed and power-fueled exploitations.

Drunk with his delusions of wealth, influence and power, he compromised his ethics and principles and in doing so ended up surrendering his respect, his reputation, his career, and ultimately his freedom by chasing his hopes of fortune and clout.

Was he another one of Trump’s “best people” that Trump so proudly pledged to bring on board? Funny, so many of these “best people” are under investigation, under indictment are facing jail time or are serving jail time.

In light of everything that Cohen has testified to, as truthful as it is, there are talking heads in the right-wing media and the Republican Party vilifying and admonishing him, attempting to make him out to be an unbelievable and deceitful liar, while they continue to protect and venerate Trump who retained Cohen as his personal lawyer and “fixer” for over 10 years – 10 years – in Trump’s world, that’s a lifetime.

It comes as no surprise that Trump was on the other side of the world when Cohen was testifying before the committee, unsuccessfully “negotiating” with one of his tyrannical idols without the “fake news media” wanting his responses in real time to what he knew Cohen would inevitably disclose.

Trump is still fooling many in his base of prejudiced people who share his disdain for people of different colors, religions, ideologies and political affiliations.

With over 80 separate persons, committees, entities and commissions now gunning for Trump’s demise, I don’t think his political dog and pony show will last too much longer, and just in time, I don’t know about everybody else but I’m really tired of winning.

James Galbo


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