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Editorial: It seems to us — Bathroom politics; lottery luck; and a Godzilla fan’s last wish

If there’s a place where policy collides with practicality, a group of SUNY students have found it. Their plans to compete in the national Division III swimming and diving championships have been complicated by New York State’s ban on unnecessary state-funded travel to North Carolina.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo imposed the ban three years ago, after North Carolina passed a “bathroom bill” affecting transgender people. Although the law was relaxed after the state started paying an economic price, it remains controversial and New York hasn’t changed its policy.

So instead of flying into North Carolina and competing in Greensboro, SUNY competitors from Geneseo, Brockport and Cortland are flying into Virginia and staying in a hotel there. Sen. Patrick Gallivan, R-Elma, has called on Cuomo to reconsider the order, but the governor has shown no interest in that. The students, for their part, seem to support the ban, even though it may hurt their chances of winning.

Welcome to the 21st century.


Everybody wins: A good Samaritan who found and handed over Mega Millions lottery tickets accidently left behind in a New Jersey store may wind up with a share of a jackpot worth $273 million.

The unknown person saw the tickets last Thursday and turned them over to store. When their owner, Mike Weirsky, returned the next day he was able to reclaim his tickets, which quickly turned him into a multimillionaire.

Now, the Associated Press reports, Weirsky wants to find the person who returned the tickets and “give him something.” We’re guessing that will be something more than a handshake.


Here’s to George Root III, the late reporter and resident of Lockport who died on Thursday before he could fulfill a final wish: seeing the new Godzilla movie.

The film, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” is scheduled to open in May, but Root, a lifelong Godzilla fan, had hoped to see an early screening. For that, he had the support of tenderhearted well-wishers around the country who heard of his plea. Sadly, it didn’t happen, but now an effort is afoot to add his name to the credits. It’s a wonderful idea.

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